【レポート】 11月29日(日) 京都東山トレイルイベント ※Report “Kyoto trail running event on Nov 29”


Annual trail running event was held on Nov 29.We enjoyed beatifull autumn leaves what we called "Koyo".We have a report from a participant who is originally from USA and works at University in Kyoto . English version follows Japanese one.

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Autumn Trail Event in Kyoto - November 29, 2009


Although rain was predicted for that Sunday, it turned out to be a beautiful Fall day in Kyoto. I participated in this Trail Event, led by Coach Katsumi Kimura ("Kimukatsu") and his staff. The trail is a 30 K course, starting at Kokusai Kaikan in northern Kyoto, and running along the hills of Eastern Kyoto, up Daimonji mountain, with a grand view of Kyoto, and on to Fushimi Inari Shrine in southern Kyoto. The views were spectacular, and the fall leaves were at their peak, making it a wonderful and unique way of sightseeing in Kyoto!


I myself am not an experienced runner and have a knee injury that gives me some extra challenges, but I am happy to report that I was able to complete the 30 K in one piece and enjoyed it too!


This event was designed for beginners, although there were quite a few veteran long distance runners, new to trail running who participated. The event was a training event, not a competitive race, and the fast runners ran ahead and would wait at certain points until the slower ones arrived, and then go on to the next point. Along the way there were aid stations provided with great snacks to keep us going. We took 7 hours to run this at our various paces and there was a very supportive atmosphere throughout. At the end we gathered at a local restaurant and enjoyed delicious soba and sushi,  (which Fushimi is famous for), allowing us time to share with one another about our impressions of the event and our hopes for future adventures.


I myself was introduced to trail running through Coach Kimukatsu, who is a licensed acupuncture and shiatsu therapist as well as an athletic trainer and a triathlon athlete himself. I never much enjoyed running until he introduced me to trail running and now I am addicted to it!  Kyoto offers wonderful mountain trails for hiking or running. It is another wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of Kyoto and keep in good shape too!